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We have 15 years experience in IT field, Smartsoft give the smart solution for your business


Application Development

At Smartsoft, we are a team of developers who enjoy solving client’s problems in the best way possible. We understand client’s business requirements, propose the solution and engage our team of highly skilled developers to create solution that is cost-effective, configurable, able to extend when business scenarios change.

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Website Development

At Smartsoft, we understand that your website portrays the message that you want to put across to the world. It is your company’s picture to the outside and it is technology which made it happen. Therefore, making sure that you have a great, value based, robust and user-friendly website is extremely crucial.

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Mobile App Development

IT can be difficult for any organization to keep up with today's latest technologies. Today’s technology advancements revolve around mobile technology. More and more users are demanding to be able to interact with the businesses via Mobile devices.

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System Integration

We are experts on system integration process joining different subsystems or components as one large system. Ensuring that each integrated subsystem functions as required.

Example of subsystems: IP Security Cameras, RSA, QuickBooks, M2M technology, tracking devices and RADIUS Servers.

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Web Hosting

Smartsoft is affiliated with WinHost which provides different varieties for web sites hosting, email services and domain registration. Linux and windows servers with Remote SQL server Access.

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Digital Marketing

Smartsoft provides all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Online marketing though social media marketing, SEO search engines optimization and Google paid ads.

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Involves 1:1 meetings, workshops, and webinars with our customer to accurately determine their needs and current situation. We discuss technology and marketing as well as roles and goals to define the scope of the project and agreement deliverable.


The two basic principles here are “Keep it Simple” and “Keep it Elegant.” Our Experts use their extensive knowledge of the best practices and design patterns to produce the best in class solution design that is simple, powerful, scalable, and easy to use. Our design phase includes Prototyping, Functional Design, Technical Design, and System Architecture.


Our robust development and building process go through multiple iterations of the define, design, develop, and deployment stages many times before the final product is where everyone desires. We focus on Application Coding, Testing/Quality Assurance, User Documentation, Program Documentation and Change Management.


Our rigorous testing cycles involve the latest versions of production data and all internal and external client operations processes. The steps will include Hardware/Software Installation, Data Conversion, and Full Load Testing.


Deployment comes with a fully running product, database set up, analytics, Content Management, Data Integration, Reports, and Training Plan.